A New Way to Give

13 Sep

“Did you do the envelope this week?”

“We won’t be at church next Sunday—what about our weekly donation?”

“Honey, did you move the envelopes?  We’re going to be late!”

“Where’s the checkbook?”

If this sounds like your house on a Sunday morning, you’re not alone.  The Lord loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians), but sometimes getting the weekly envelope together in time seems like, well, a lot of trouble.  So if you’d like to learn how you can:

–          Donate effortlessly, even when you’re out of town

–          Budget your church donations efficiently

–          Never have to deal with envelopes, checks or cash again

Join us at 11:30 on June 12 in the fellowship room as Shawn Hathaway from PNC bank will give us her live demonstration of how to how to  set up an automatic donation from your PNC checking or savings account.  Set it up once, then every week, every two weeks or every month, PNC will automatically credit our church with amount you’ve designated.   Be an “electronic giver,” and leave those envelopes at home!  They’ll even mail the check for free!

And for Valley National Bank customers, join us on July 9, same 11:30 time in the fellowship room as Emily Wilson from Valley National Bank will walk VNB’s customers through their same simple setup procedures.

Both banks promise a thorough demonstration and take-home sheets along with excellent phone-in customer service.  Be a cheerful (electronic) giver!


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