From the Pastor’s Desk – 07/2012

02 Jul

Daily, Steady Cultivation

I love gardening, but it is hard work. A garden requires constant care, almost daily attention. If I am away for a few days or rains keep me inside, one glance at my garden makes me wonder who’s winning-the weeds or me. Birds, squirrels, and deer compete with me for the fruits. The battle is not over until the harvest.

Jesus knew something about all this. He told a parable of a farmer who sowed seed in a field but reaped a poor harvest. The birds filled themselves with some of the seed.  The sun-scorched some of the shallow-rooted plants. Thorns grew and choked out other plants. Despite all that, a few seeds in good soil produced well.

In our spiritual journey, many things interfere with our growing and bearing fruit. The hindrance may be something that diverts our attention or tempts us to think we can manage life alone. It may be problems or adversaries that threaten to destroy tender new shoots. But as with my garden, regular attention makes a difference.  Progressive growth toward Christ-likeness comes as daily feed on the words of the Bible, appropriate the water of life through prayer, love, and help others, support our church, and witness to what we believe.

It is my hope and prayer that God of the Bible strengthens you and keeps you and your loved ones strong during the summertime! Enjoy it and I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

With love,



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