Pastor’s Desk Jan 2013

10 Jan

January 2013


Dear Friends in Christ,

Welcome to the New Year 2013. As I write this message, we are approaching the New Year 2013.

It is my hope and prayer that we will have better health or at least more stable health.  We may well be hoping that our job situation may remain stable, is at the very least, if not improve.  Possibly, we are hoping that there is greater delight and hope for some of our relationships whether family or friends. Maybe we are even holding that loneliness does not continue to be our constant companion in the year ahead.

Let me take a moment and share with you how I learned to float. I was always fearful as a child. One of the things I feared was water, so I never learned to swim. I did learn to float, but I had a great fear in the beginning. I was very happy to be able to finally jump into the water and float, conquering the fear I had known before.

For me, to trust Christ was like learning to float. The moment I chose to challenge my fear, truly relax, and let go was when I began to float. Christ cares for us and wants us to release our fears, to relax, and to float-secure in the knowledge that we are safe in a loving embrace.

On this top of the New Year, let us leave our cares and problems in Jesus’ hands. He is our guide and will help us navigate through all that we do every day and in the year ahead.

Trust in the Lord!

May the good Lord bless you and strengthen you and your loved ones in the year 2013!


In Christ,

Dennis Chung



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