Pastor’s Desk Feb 2013

01 Feb

February 2013


Dear Friends,


As I sat in my office and looked out the window, everything was covered with snow. But now all of it has been melted away. Very soon I will see green grass and green plants sprouting up from the soil. Then it will be spring! Winter is almost gone.  New life will become visible as green plants rise from seeds that have lain dormant through the cold winter months. There are signs all around us if we look. The birds are singing; the weather is warmer; there are buds on the trees… On and on. It is abundantly clear that the promise of life is here.

So it is with our Lenten Season. With February upon us, and the beginning of the Lent season around the corner (Ash Wednesday: February 13th, 2013), we begin a new cycle in the Christian year. And then we will embark on a journey with Jesus on the path towards Easter. We begin with Jesus in the wilderness where he struggles with powerful temptations that they lead him to a victorious life. The path is not easy sometimes life is very painful but those who have gone before us assure us that there are many blessings for those who set out on the journey. What a blessed season we will be in from now and continuing through to the holiest day of the Christian year!

During this season let us not lose sight of Jesus Christ who chose to come to earth that he might save the world. You are invited to come and join our worship services and Lenten activities and be blessed.


May the God of the Bible stepped into the places where you live and work, and minister to you richly during the Season of Lent!

Pastor, Dennis Chung


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