Pastor’s Desk April 2013

01 Apr

 April 2013


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Worship is what Christians do. It’s the one thing that we do that no other group in our society does. Other people have potluck suppers, work camps, parties, and fundraisers. But only God’s people worship. The basic pattern of worship in the United Methodist hymnal (pages 3-4) includes four major sections: Entrance, Proclamation and Response, Thanksgiving and Communion, and Sending Forth. One of the most important things about worship is to come together in the name of Jesus Christ.

Worship begins as the people of God come together. At times and places in history of the church, even coming together was dangerous. Christianity was seen as a threat to the state, Christians were persecuted. So simply gathering to worship was a powerful statement of faith. It still is.

An old story tells of a woman who was nearly blind and totally deaf. Still she made her way to church every Sunday. Someone asked her why she continued to worship when she could not see or hear the service. She said, “I want people to know whose side I’m on.”

Getting up on Sunday and going to church told the neighborhood that we are on the Lord side. When you go to church, you make a statement about your faith, about what is important to you, and on whose side you’re on.

Now, the season of Lent comes each year is a time to help us to remember and worship the living God. Every Sunday worship service is equally important as one in the special season. Soon we will have holy week, when we remember the last week of Jesus’s life; Maundy or holy Thursday is the day when we reenact Jesus his last meal with his disciples; Good Friday, the day we remember Jesus’s crucifixion, is the most somber day of the Christian year.

You are cordially invited to join us at our Sunday worship services, as Jesus went to the synagogue as was his custom.  (Luke 4:16) Hebrews 10:25 says: not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some but encouraging one another; and Baltimore, as you see the day drawing near.

May our Lord richly bless you and your loved ones!


In Christ,


Pastor Dennis


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