Pastor’s Desk May 2013

01 May

May 2013

Dear Members and Friends,

Polyphony is a musical term. The word literally means “many sounds.” In polyphony, voices or instruments move independently but work together around a constant central theme. Musician and theologian Jeremy Begbie talks about “Pentecostal polyphony.” He describes Christ crucified and risen as the constant center around which the Holy Spirit weaves our diverse lives into a harmonic community called the Body of Christ. Within this community, the Spirit binds our lives together in the love of God.

Here’s my version of that: There are no solo performers in the Body of Christ. We can’t live singing “I DID IT MY WAY.” And still claim to be a follower of Jesus. We find out who we are and discover our unique “song” as our lives are woven into the lives of others in the love of Christ. I feel that this is the spirit of cooperation and Ecumenical worship together. Dr. E. Stanley Jones often said, “Everyone who belongs to Christ belongs to everyone who belongs to Christ.”

What happened at Pentecost is a living portrait of what God intends for all of creation: many voices, from all nations, races, and cultures, singing together a triumphant song of praise to God (Rev.7:9-17). In contrast to the world’s racism, prejudice, hatred and war, each of us is called to help form God’s church into a unified body that sings God’s song in all we do.

May God richly bless you and strengthen you and your loved ones in this Pentecostal Season!


In Christ,

Pastor Dennis



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