01 Oct

Sunday, October 6 2013

Registration begins at 12:30pm

at the United Presbyterian Church

224 Mansfield St, Belvidere Walk begins at 1:00pm

The walk within Belvidere is about 2 miles. For those who can’t walk that far, they may walk around the park. Refreshments will be served at the Belvidere United Methodist Church following the walk.  We ask that walkers turn in their money the day of the walk.

Why Walk?

25% of the money raised by walkers from each church will be sent to their community after the walk. 75% of funds goes to the Church world Service program, targeting education and advocacy. By raising awareness about hunger, poverty, water access, trade, human rights, climate change, peace building and other issues in Speak Out Alerts, CWS brings the voices and priorities of its partners and constituents into the halls of churches, community groups, and governments.

When disaster strikes, CWS works with partners on scene to provide shelter, food and water, blankets, recovery kits, counseling-the basics needed to ensure the survival of individuals and communities at risk. In addition to rapid emergency disaster response, CWS also provides long-term development initiative , helping families and communities prepare for and recover from natural and human-caused calamities.In drought-ridden Ethiopia, CWS and partners are assisting over 120,000 people with food and seeds to restart farming activities.  After hurricanes like Gustav and Ike hit the Gulf Coast, CWS reached out to its network of long-term recovery groups for project development support and also for provision of material resources such as blankets and kits.  Since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, CWS has partnered with Habitat for Humanity and invested in building long-term recovery capacity along the Gulf Coast.



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