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31 Jan

Trip to Ocean Grove

The Evangelism Committee is sponsoring a trip to Ocean Grove on Sunday, Aug. 17th.   We would attend the 10:30am worship service in the Great Auditorium, led by Rev. Dr. Tony Campolo.  Everyone could have lunch nearby, then have until 4:00 pm to explore the town and enjoy the beach.

To reserve a seat on the bus, please stop by the sign-up sheet in Fellowship Hall.  A member of the Evangelism Committee will be available to collect the $40.00 per person fee (for bus and tip).  Checks may be written to “Christine Howard.”  We need 29 people to cover the cost of the bus.  The bus holds 35 people.  The fee will only be refunded if the trip gets cancelled.  If fewer than 29 people reserve a seat, we will begin inviting other Methodist churches.

The bus will load at 7:30am and leave at 7:45am.  Food and beverages may be brought on the bus, and there is a restroom in the rear.  At 4:00pm, we will load the bus to depart Ocean Grove.  Call Chris Howard with any questions (475-8836).



Skylands District Day of Learning

Resourcing the Church for Vital Ministry

Saturday, February 22, 2014: 8:30am – 1:15pm

Butler United Methodist Church

5 Barthodi Avenue, Butler, NJ 07405

Brochures are available at the church, on the church website, OR you can download them yourself here {skylandsdistrictdayoflearning }or from the conference web site at:

These sessions are always interesting.  see Rev. Chung if you are interested in attending and need a ride.


Learn about your chance to BRING HOPE to our area…

Future With Hope


Valuable Information to use and $hare:

Greater New Jersey Annual Conference Scholarships

Go to the Conference Website at

Applications can also be requested by calling the Conference Office at 1-877-677-2594.

Deadline for ALL GNJ Scholarship Applications:  

Postmarked by March 31, 2014

Rev. Ralph A. Kappler Memorial Scholarship

  • Membership in United Methodist Church, GNJAC
  • Financial need
  • Nomination by local church
  • Undergraduate student

Frances Nelson Scholarship

  • Membership in United Methodist Church GNJAC
  • Goal of full-time Christian Service
  • Undergraduate student
  • Yearly application required
  • Previous recipients given priority up to four years of college

Emily S. Garrison Nursing Scholarship

  • Membership in United Methodist Church, GNJAC
  • Enrollment in a nursing BS degree program
  • Career goal: Nursing

Conference Trust Fund Scholarships

  • Membership in United Methodist Church, GNJAC
  • Financial need
  • Academic merit
  • Undergraduate student

Doris and Arthur Mandeville Scholarship

  • Membership in United Methodist Church, GNJAC
  • Full-time graduate student
  • Financial need
  • Goal: Ordained ministry or Christian Education

GNJAC Educational Society

  • Seminary, graduate student
  • Goal: Full-time Christian service in GNJAC
  • Contact: Jo Malessa
  • E-mail:


Centenary College United Methodist Scholarships

Centenary College offers annual scholarships to confirmed, active members of UM Church who maintain satisfactory academic progress and reside on campus.
Call: 1-800-236-8679 Or visit:


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