From the Pastor’s Desk: Lent 2014

06 Apr

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Just outside my office window I see new life begin to bud, as each tiny flower peeks through the ground and pushes past the winter mud.  The air is clean.  The wind is cool.  Very soon I will see green grass and green plants sprouting up from the soil.  We waited with patience for the birds to come and sing each day,  Because our patience almost reached the boiling point due to many winter snow storms.

Then it will be spring!  There are signs all sound us if we look.  The birds are singing; the weather is warmer; there are buds on the trees… on and on.  It is absolutely clear that new life is here.  Let us rejoice! It is spring!

So it is with our Lenten Season.  With the beginning of the season of Lent, we begin a new cycle in the Christian year.  Sometimes our journey is not easy.  But those who have gone before us assure us that there are many promises for those who set out on the journey with Jesus.  They rest assured He will lead us to the blessed, victorious life.  What a blessed season we will be in from now and continuing through the holiest day of the Church year, Easter!

On top of that, you will find each Sunday of Lent, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday as “little Easters”  celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, its meaning, and the transforming power for our daily lives. Let us rejoice! And Sing for the Season of Lent!

May God richly bless you and your loved ones in this Season of Lent!


In Christ,


Pastor Dennis


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