From The Pastor’s Desk March 2015

13 Mar

As your pastor, I’d like to personally thank you for your generous donations to our church over the years. It’s encouraging to know that through the peaks and valleys we experience in our personal lives and in the life of our church, you understand that giving is  a privilege endowed by God, in which He trusts that you will use your time, talent, and treasure to help with His work on Earth. As one of the church’s benefactors, you may have wondered at times how your donations are being put to use, so I’d like to briefly mention a few of the ways in which our church is “saving souls through changing lives”.


*Our food pantry, providing help to the less fortunate right in our community.

*Our chancel and bell choirs plus special music and the Christmas pageant

*Community services such as Easter and Thanksgiving

*Community outreach such as caroling, Advent boxes, services at Chelsea Assisted Living, plus our Christmas gifts DYFS

*Our various mission projects

*Community dinners and after-service fellowship hour

*pastoral visits

*Use of fellowship hall for approved purposes

*Education: Youth group, Sunday school, Vacation Bible school, Bible study

*Mostly confidential help for desperate or indigent person or families through pastor’s discretionary fund.

*Shared Ministries through the larger body of the church.


Your donations help the church save souls-through changing lives. We’d like to do more. This year, we’d like to enhance Christian education and outreach and the church will be talking about some special projects that you may be interested in sponsoring directly. But for now, please know that you have helped save souls. You’ve helped change lives. You’ve laid up treasures in heaven.


Due to many winter storms our church has incurred greater expenses for snow removal and heating oil than we budgeted. Please consider making a special donation to the church to help defray the cost. Your generosity is always noted and appreciated. I thank you again.


Best regards,

Rev. Dennis Chung, Pastor


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