The church is involved in several missions.  Please note the following:




Helping Near and Far

The mission committee would like to thank everyone for their contributions for the Wings of the Morning Project for money needed for the new airplane and the costs of running the plane. Thanks to everyone we were able to send them a check for $327.00.

We would like to thank everyone who made soup and helped with the Soup and Roll Luncheon for Bill Hampton. It was so nice to have his wife and him with us again. Because of the congregation’s generous gifts, we were able to bid them farewell with $500.00 for them. Thanks to all.


“Nothing but Nets
The people of the United Methodist Church are being invited to participate with the Nothing but Nets partners to help stop a deadly disease – malaria. In sub-Saharan Africa, a child dies every 45 seconds from this preventable disease.

Just $10 buys a bed net, distributes it to a family, and provides education on how to use it.

By answering Jesus’ call to “minister to the least of these who are members of our family”, we can beat this awful disease and save future generations. So give a child the opportunity to live a life of health and happiness. Pray. Communicate the need. Buy a bed net. And save a life.

The Mission Committee, Jan Lee and Paula Hilliard, co-chairs


  • To Deborah McDermott .  Debbie has earned certification as a Lay Speaker through the United Methodist Church.
  • To Dr. Rev. Vicki Brendler.  Vicki has been chosen as A CANDIDATE FOR BISHOP WHICH WILL BE VOTED ON IN JULY IN VIRGINIA.


  •  Paula and Ken Hilliard for all of their hard work planning, preparing, and cleaning up for the missions Committee soup and roll luncheon.
  • To Hunter Chadeayne and the choir for the hard work, dedication, and love put into the first of our annual summer community church choir concerts.
  • To the congregation for their generous donations of spaghetti, sauce, and baked goods for the spaghetti dinner.


  •  To Paula Hilliard , Uldene Weidlick, and Melissa Duckworth … for all of their hard work in planning, preparing, serving, and cleaning up for our Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser.
  • To Randall Sandt for his assistance with the dinner and to the clean up crew.
  • To BJ Wauhop and his Band of  Merry Meatball Makers (Adella Wauhop, Joan Brennan, and Barb Call).  Thank you for the donation of the meat and for all of the efforts in making the meatballs.
  • To the members of our congregation who supported the spaghetti dinner by their presence at the dinner either as a worker or as a guest.  Over $1200 has been raised for Shared Ministries.
  • To Betty Merring, Barbara call, Donna paradise, Deb McDermott, and Marilou Tshudy for their efforts in selling Community Day BonTon booklets. $175.00 was raised for Shared Ministries through their efforts.

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