Administrative Council

The Administrative Council of the Belvidere United Methodist Church represents all facets of the church and its ministry.  The role of the Council is to identify the mission and vision of our church and to strive to put that mission and vision into action.

The Belvidere United Methodist Church is an open door, open heart, open-minded Christian community.  Our mission is to:

  • become true disciples of God;
  • share the love of God through ministry;
  • mature in the Christian faith; and
  • serve the constantly changing needs of our community and the world.

The Administrative Council includes all committee chairs and meetings are held on the second Monday at 7:00pm in the Fellowship Hall from September through June.  Any member may attend the meetings and is encouraged to do so.

Church & Society Committee

The Church & Society Committee of the United Methodist Church has a focus of social issues, particularly in ways that the congregation can advocate for and respond to human needs that we, in our tiny town of Belvidere, are called to work both locally and globally.

This committee accomplishes these responsibilities through:

  • dinners and picnics open to the community;
  • the Annual First Fruits initiative, a collection of fresh foods that are picked up and distributed locally by CUMAC_ECHO;
  • the annual CROP walk to ease hunger globally and locally which is held in October;
  • and the distribution of holiday greeting cards to local nursing homes.

Several of the above are held as ecumenical events to include the other churches in our community.  The Church & Society Community of the Belvidere United Methodist Church seeks to serve, grow and learn and to advocate for justice and peace.

This committee meets as needed throughout the year.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.”  ~ Matthew 25:35-36 NIV

Evangelism & Caring Ministry Committee

There is no more important work of the church than the task of reaching out to people and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and welcoming them with genuine Christian hospitality so that they may develop a relationship with God and live as Christian disciples.

Belvidere United Methodist Church does this through:

  • our Fellowship Time after each worship service,
  • having greeters at the beginning of each service and
  • with the wearing of name tags.

The Evangelism & Caring Ministry Committee meets as needed throughout the year.


For United Methodists, the Christian life is a process of being transformed by God’s grace into the likeness of God’s son, Jesus Christ. Christian Discipleship is at the heart of this lifelong process of transformation. The Superintendent, Treasurer, Secretary, teachers, aides and staff work very hard to educate our children’s Christian minds to better know Christ.

This committee has one of the most important functions in our church and can always use enthusiastic people to help teach our children.

The Christian Education Committee meets as needed throughout the year.


The Finance & Stewardship Committee focuses on identifying, perfecting and managing the finance system for our congregation. In addition, they work to encourage each of us and the entire church to become better stewards to each other and our community. This committee funds ministries that nurture persons in their faith. They also ensure that we are using God’s resources responsibly.

The Finance & Stewardship Committee meets as needed throughout the year.


The Missions Committee works to help reach the world with local and global missions.

  • Belvidere United Methodist Church has two missionaries at this time: William Hampton and his family live in Thailand and serve in Thailand, Cambodia and SE Asia through Wycliffe Bible Translators and Lisa Olson in Seattle.
  • Another way this committee helps financially is with the Alternative Christmas Gift Giving program. This event is held during the month of December and persons are encouraged to purchase cows, blankets,goats, anything that can be used in  countries around the world.
  • Also Habitat for Humanity (local and global) is represented.

The Missions Committee meets as needed throughout the year.


“No responsibility is more important in the church than that of worship. Weekly worship is the one time when most members of our congregation regularly assemble face-to-face as a church. This is the primary opportunity for the church to welcome those who come into our midst, relate them to God, proclaim and teach the meaning of Christian discipleship, and send them out to live and work for a more just and loving world.” (Taken from Worship Guidelines – The UM Publishing House)

Basic responsibilities of this committee are:

  • to learn about worship and about the people in your congregation and community so you can plan worship appropriate to their needs;
  • collaborate with the pastor and music leaders in planning worship;
  • develop and support effective musical leadership in the church.

Belvidere United Methodist Church does this through altar flowers, altar decorations/themes, and special programs and music.

The Worship Committee meets as needed throughout the year.


Trustees of the church manage the church property, equipment and investments to support the vision and mission of the church. Basic responsibilities include:

  • several legal and administrative functions;
  • to be responsible, in conjunction with the pastor, for uses of the church buildings and grounds;
  • maintain adequate insurance coverage on all church property and develop appropriate risk management policies;
  • submit the annual budget requests for insurance, property maintenance and improvement, and new property purchases to the Finance Committee;
  • and to be accountable to the Church Conference and to the Administrative Council.

The Board of Trustees meets as needed throughout the year.


The Pastor-Parish Relations Committee supports the pastor, the staff and the congregation. The tasks for the PPRC include:

  • explaining the nature and function of ministry to the staff and congregation;
  • conferring with the congregation, staff and pastor about ministry direction;
  • assessing the ministry of the congregation, staff and pastor at least annually;
  • conferring and consulting with the district superintendent;
  • supporting lifelong learning for all staff (continuing education);
  • and identifying and supporting individuals from the congregation whom God seems to be calling for ordained ministry.

The Pastor-Parish Relations Committee meets as needed throughout the year.


Bulletins – Weekly printing and folding

Choirs – Chancel (Adult); Youth (6th grade-High School); Junior (2nd-5th grade); Cherub (3yrs old-1st grade); and Hand Bells (High School-Adult)

Communion Stewards – Preparing communion table for first Sunday of each month

Cradle Roll – Sending out info to new parents in our congregation

Fellowship Time – Hosting coffee hour (following the worship service) once or twice a year

Food Pantry – Work in pantry to help those in need.

Pantry hours: M-W-F, 9-11:45am.

Lay Leadership Committee – This committee nominates members for the various committees

Liturgist – Reading the liturgy during the worship service once or twice a year

Nursery Care Giver – Tending to the younger children while their parents are in the worship service

Town Crier – Monthly publication written by members. Volunteers prepare the paper for circulation

United Methodist Women – meet 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the Fellowship Hall

Ushers – Sunday morning – handing out bulletins, helping with chair lift, counting attendance and straightening sanctuary after service


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