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“Nothing but Nets”

The people of the United Methodist Church are being invited to participate with the Nothing But Nets partners to help stop a deadly disease – malaria. In sub-Saharan Africa, a child dies every 45 seconds from this preventable disease. This is a statistic that the world must pay attention to according to Bishop Joao Somane Machado, leader of the United Methodist Church in Mozambique.

“This is not an African issue,” said Machado. “It’s not only for poor countries. It’s global.”

Just $10 buys a bed net, distributes it to a family and provides education on how to use it.

By answering Jesus’ call to “minister to the least of these who are members of our family,” we can beat this awful disease and save future generations. So give a child the opportunity to live a life of health and happiness. Pray. Communicate the need. Buy a bed net. And save a life.

Donations for Lisa Olson, Missionary

The Missions Committee will be collecting contributions for Lisa Olson.  Lisa works with The Navigators in collegiate ministry.  Their mission is to reach, disciple and equip college students in the US to know Christ and to make Him know to successive generations in all nations.  For more information, visit the missions table during Fellowship.

UMCOR Advance for Pacific Emergency

This advance is to aid Japan, Pacific Islands and the West Coast of the US.  For more information,  visit the missions table during Fellowship. (Please note #3021317 on your donation check).

Pennies for Becky

Bring your change to help benefit the Long family.


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