Sunday School Ministry


Sunday School Classes are held from September to June and begin at 10:00AM by joining service, then students are dismissed to classrooms during service.

Classes end at 11:15AM; students are then dismissed into Fellowship Hall to meet up with their parents or caregivers.

Until then you can also play online here:

Pockets online– magazine “connecting kids & God… the other 6 days!”

DevoZine devotional magazine just for youth & teens, WRITTEN BY teens and adults who work with & care for teens!

Sunday School Offering:

The Sunday School Offering taken during our worship service is a valuable time for our children.  It allows them the opportunity to experience participating in the service and to reinforce the importance of the giving of our time, talents, and treasures as a part of the church community.

This Offering is used to provide educational programs for our children including Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.  Although any contributions are appreciated, please understand that this is a time for the children and not intended as another opportunity to take an offering.

The Sunday School has remained self-sufficient with your contributions.  Our quarterly curriculum costs approxiamately $470 and we also purchase attendance pins, Bible for the 4th graders, as well as pay for the Sunday School Picnic held in June.  Help is always appreciated.


From the Sunday School Superintendent:

Youth Group~

An Ecumenical Youth Group is now forming with youth from Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church, United Presbyterian Church of Belvidere and from our own Belvidere United Methodist Church.  Our church hasn’t had a youth group in a while so this is a great opportunity for our youth to join in fellowship with other youth from the area.  Please see Dottie Daniello oe email her at  for more details on how you can get involved.


Confirmation Classes

Confirmation classes are typicall held in late winter/early spring.   Topics include: Know Your Story…,Encounter the Faith Narrative From Creation to Christianity, Confirm Your Faith, Embrace the Essential Beliefs and Practices of the United Methodist Church, and Live your Commitment. Please contact Pastor Dennis for information and to register.

Confirmation Class schedule and class topics can be downloaded here ConfirmationClassweb.

Registration forms are available here confirmationsponsor


Valuable Information to Use and $hare:

Greater New Jersey Annual Conference Scholarships
Go to the Conference Website at
Applications can also be requested by calling the Conference Office at 1-877-677-25941-877-677-2594.
Deadline for ALL GNJ Scholarship Applications:
Postmarked by March 31, 2014
Rev. Ralph A. Kappler Memorial Scholarship
•    Membership in United Methodist Church, GNJAC
•    Financial need
•    Nomination by local church
•    Undergraduate student
Frances Nelson Scholarship
•    Membership in United Methodist Church GNJAC
•    Goal of full-time Christian Service
•    Undergraduate student
•    Yearly application required
•    Previous recipients given priority up to four years of college
Emily S. Garrison Nursing Scholarship
•    Membership in United Methodist Church, GNJAC
•    Enrollment in a nursing BS degree program
•    Career goal: Nursing
Conference Trust Fund Scholarships
•    Membership in United Methodist Church, GNJAC
•    Financial need
•    Academic merit
•    Undergraduate student
Doris and Arthur Mandeville Scholarship
•    Membership in United Methodist Church, GNJAC
•    Full-time graduate student
•    Financial need
•    Goal: Ordained ministry or Christian Education
GNJAC Educational Society
•    Seminary, graduate student
•    Goal: Full-time Christian service in GNJAC
•    Contact: Jo Malessa
•    E-mail:
Centenary College United Methodist Scholarships
Centenary College offers annual scholarships to confirmed, active members of UM Church who maintain satisfactory academic progress and reside on campus.
Call: 1-800-236-86791-800-236-8679 Or visit:



Looking back….

Christmas Pageant 2011~

I am writing this the day after  our wonderful Christmas Pageant.  The students did a fantastic job and I am proud of each and every of them!  A special thank you to all of the adults who helped with the pageant; I couldn’t have managed without your help.  Also, a heartfelt thank you to all of the students for their kind words, the special card, the beautiful flowers and the Dunkin’ Donuts gift card (yum).

The cast included:
Narrators: Emily & Molly Haupin
Mary: Alyssa Coopersmith
Joseph: Matthew Sella
Angel Gabriel: Raymond Yeley
Donkey: Teddy Haupin
Shepherds: Elijia & Noah Cooke,Benjamin Durr & Owen Gately
Sheep: James Krouse & Seth McKenna
Angels: Andrew Duckworth, Andrew & Madeline Durr
Star: Michaela Krouse
Kings: Isabella Daniello, Cassandra Dove & Kiera Gately
Asst. Director: Raymond Yeley
Director: Heather Durr


Sunday School News

It’s time of year again…Back To School! Parents and students are busy preparing for the new academic year. But equally as important, our Sunday School year will begin on September 18, 2011.

I am sad to report that the Yeley Family will be relocating to North Carolina and as such, Mike Yeley will no longer be our Sunday School Superintendent. I know that I s peak for our entire congregation when I say that we are grateful for the outstanding job Mike has done for our children. The Yeley Family will be missed and we wish them all the best.
I was not anticipating being the Sunday School Superintendent but I did not hesitate when Reverend Chung asked me to fill this position. I am not in any way patting myself on the back…there are many people in our Church who do a whole lot more for our congregation than I do. Rather, I need to walk my talk, practice what I preach, and be a part of the solution rather than just complain. I firmly believe that our youngsters need a strong Christian upbringing of which Sunday School plays an important part. Maybe I’m old fashioned or over simplifying things but to me a strong Christian foundation = strong families = strong communities = a strong Nation = a better world.

Please allow me to introduce the volunteers for the 2011/2012 Sunday School year:

  • Treasurer, Attendance Secretary, Substitute Teacher, & Hall Monitor – Vicki Freilich;
  • Pre K/K/Grade 1 teachers – Emily & Molly Haupin;
  • 2nd & 3rd Grade Teacher – Linda Ritchie;
  • 4th – 6th Grade Teacher – Dottie Daniello; and
  • Jr. & Sr. High Teacher – Dean Tshudy.

I appreciate their dedication!


Heather Durr
908-884-1729908-884-1729 or



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